The following videos are intended to be helpful demonstrations of some hymns and songs in the new Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God. These videos are neither professional ensembles, nor professional recordings, but are simply suggestions for learning music and worship practices. More videos will be added throughout the year. We hope these are helpful as you explore the new hymnal.

Blest Be God, Praise Forever
Tune: SANAA, Text: anonymous/trans. Samuel Paul, Music: Punjabi melody, Pakistan

Come, Bring Your Burdens to God
Tune: WOZA NOMTHWALO WAKHO, Text: South African traditional, Music: 
South African traditional/arr. Welile Sigabi

Come, O Holy Spirit, Come (Wa Wa Wa Emimimo)
Tune: WA EMIMIMO, Text: Original Yoruba/trans. I-to Loh, Music: Trad. Yoruba as taught by Samuel Solanke (Nigeria)

Farewell, Good Friends (Shalom, chaverim!)
Tune: SHALOM, CHAVERIM, Text: Traditional, Music: Israeli round

For Everyone Born
Tune: FOR EVERYONE BORN, Text: Shirley Erena Murray, Music:  Brian Mann

Give Us Light
Tune: JYOTHI DHO, Text: Charles Vas, Music:Charles Vas

God, We Honor You
Tune: ABUNDANT BLESSINGS, Text: James E. Clemens, Music: James E. Clemens

Golden Breaks the Dawnd
Tune: LE PING, Text: Tzu-chen Chao/para. Frank W. Price, Music:Te-ngai Hu

Hallelujah! Sing Praise to Your Creator (Psalm 148)
Tune: NYANYIKANLAH NYANYIAN BARU, Text: Tilly Lubis (Indonesian)/David Diephouse (English), Music:  Trad. Batak melody/arr. H.A. Pandopo

Heaven Is Singing for Joy (El cielo canta alegría)
Tune: ALEGRÍA, Text: Pablo Sosa, Music:  Pablo Sosa

He Came Down
Tune: HE CAME DOWN, Text: Trad. Cameroon, Music:  Trad. Cameroon; trans. and arr. by John Bell

Heleluyan We Are Singing
Tune: HELELUYAN, Text: Muscogee (Creek)/vers. Brian Wren, Music:  Traditional Muscogee (Creek)

Holy, Holy, Holy (Vasile)
Text: Liturgical text, Music: Paul M. Vasile

How Very Good and Pleasant (Psalm 133)
Tune: HOW VERY GOOD, Text: Barbara Boertje, Music: Barbara Boertje

If You Only Had Faith
Tune: SI TUVIERAS FE, Text: Spanish Caribbean Pentecostal Chorus/trans. Pablo Sosa, Music:  Spanish Caribbean Pentecostal Chorus/trans. Jorge Lockward

Lord, We Thank You for This Food
Tune: MOTOMASE, Text: I-to Loh, Music:  Adapt. from Brunun melody, Taiwan

May the Love of the Lord
Tune: WEI YUAN SHEN DI AI, Text: Maria Ling Poh, Music:  Swee Hong Lim

O Look and Wonder (Miren Que Bueno)
Tune: MIREN QUE BUENO, Text: Pablo Sosa Music:  Pablo Sosa

Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord!
Tune: LOUEZ LE SEIGNEUR, Text: traditional Cameroon, Music: Cameroon processional/arr. Ralph M. Johnson

The Right Hand of God
Tune: LA MANO DE DIOS, Text: Patrick Prescod, Music:  Noel Dexter

The Trumpets Sound, the Angels Sing (The Feast Is Ready)
Tune: THE FEAST IS READY, Text: Graham Kendrick, Music: Graham Kendrick

This Is the Day (Estes el dia)
Tune: ESTE ES EL DIA, Text: Pablo Sosa/trans. Mary Louise Bringle, Music:  Pablo Sosa

We Will Walk with God (Sizohamba naye)
Tune: SIZOHAMBA NAYE, Text: Trad. Swaziland/trans. John L. Bell, Music:  Trad. Swaziland/arr. John L. Bell

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